HighlightsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesMay 25, 2023AI : A pragmatic approach to governance, risk and compliance

In this PrivacyEspresso we discuss with Andreas Von Grember, Information Security Advisor at the wizlynx group, a cybersecurity partner of the PrivacyRules alliance, on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) in a pragmatic approach to governance, risk and compliance.

AI Risks and compliance cannot be controlled because AI technology is constantly evolving, making it difficult to predict and prevent all possible risks. As AI systems become more complex, they become harder to regulate, and their actions become increasingly difficult to understand or explain. Moreover, AI models are only as unbiased as their data and the algorithms used to train them, and the data used to train AI models may contain implicit biases that can perpetuate discrimination.

AI risks also include cybersecurity threats and potential misuse by bad actors, which are difficult to detect and prevent. Therefore, while AI compliance and risk management frameworks can help mitigate potential harms, they cannot entirely eliminate the risks associated with AI technology.

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