Privacy espresso seriesResourcesOctober 20, 2022Tracking technologies: South Korean PIPC fines Google and Meta

In this privacyespresso, we speak with our South Korean expert, Kyoung Min Pyo, from the law firm D’LIGHT Law Group, about the recent fines issued by the South Korean PIPC to Google and Meta.

The 20 million dollar fine for Google and the 22 Million dollar fine for Meta were released due to their respective violations related to the usage of tracking solutions and, in particular, the lack of clarity in informing customers about their activation and use.

Also, Kyoung Min shares the defensive approach of the two tech companies that will undoubtedly lead to a case that we should all keep under careful consideration, as it may lead to convergence or divergence with other laws like the EU GDPR. This is also important in respect of the existing EU-South Korean Adequacy Decision.

Finally, Kyoung Min provides us with insights into how companies should move to be compliant with the actual South Korean regulation, with a focus on the issues causing the discussed fines for the two techcompanies.

To learn more about the case and how to handle tracking technologies in South Korea, watch this privacyespresso.