ResourcesJune 25, 2022The EU Digital Services Act is on its way

While yet to be adopted, it is useful to some of the key goals of the EU Digital Services Act which aims at ensuring a safe and accountable online environment. On the related website, we can read that for the first time a common set of rules on intermediaries’ obligations and accountability across the single market will open up new opportunities to provide digital services across borders, while ensuring a high level of protection to all users, no matter where they live in the EU.

The new rules are proportionate, foster innovation, growth and competitiveness, and facilitate the scaling up of smaller platforms, SMEs and start-ups. The responsibilities of users, platforms, and public authorities are rebalanced according to European values, placing citizens at the centre. The rules

  • Better protect consumers and their fundamental rights online
  • Establish a powerful transparency and a clear accountability framework for online platforms
  • Foster innovation, growth and competitiveness within the single market

Continue reading on the EU relevant website what to expect for EU citizens, providers of digital services, business users of digital services, and society at large, here.