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The Canadian Arnprior Regional Health announced that it suffered a cyber attack compromising data dating back since 1996. The center has published the list of medical data that might have been impacted, while investigation is still ongoing. The impacted information includes names, dates of birth, contact information, health card numbers, dates of hospital visits including...

While the Italian State Police had managed to thwart cyber attacks against the Eurovision Song Contest on 14 May 2022, the cyber criminals group Killnet is allegedly behind the DDoS attack which is blocking the website of the Italian State Police. Read more here and here.

ZDNEt reports that the Brazilian e-commerce platform suffered a loss of 923 million Brazilian reais (equivalent to $183 million) as a result of two cyber attacks occurred on February 19 and 20: The attacks blocked the e-commerce platform preventing sales. The other structures of the company, namely physical stores and delivery continues operating during...

The Italian Computer Security Incident Response Team has released an overview of the recent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that occurred starting from 11 May this year. First of all, the type of DDOS attacks used is identified, in particular the “Slow HTTP” attack, then the operating technique of this attack is described and...

Dis-Chem, a pharmaceutical retail giant from South African has been hit by a cyber attack through a third-party service provider, leading to the hacking of data of over 3.6 million South Africans. Dis-Chem has made relevant notifications in accordance with the South African Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). Read more on ITWeb here.

According to the leading wire service in Italy, the Ansa, hackers had hit two Milan hospitals on Sunday 1 May and Monday 2 May. As a result of these attacks, the IT systems of the hospitals are down and they will have to restrict access to ERs and laboratory services Monday and Tuesday. Read more...

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has for the first time issued a proposal for cybersecurity rules, procedures and data breach prevention measures for investment funds and advisers. If approved, the measures will require thousands of companies to report cyberattacks within 48 hours. The proposals require funds and registered investment advisers to develop written...

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