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The tech giant CISCO has been breached in late May 2022, and immediately controlled the diffusion of the news of the breach to mitigate averse effects in media, customers, and eventually the stock exchange. The cybercriminal group Yanluowang is behind the attack, and gave a very concise announcement on the fact that succeeded to infiltrate...

A cyber attack has hit the UK National Health Service (NHS) 111 telephone service delaying response times and other services such as patient referrals, out-of-hours appointment bookings, and emergency prescriptions. The target of the breach was Advanced, a company supplying software for about 85% of the NHS hotline’s services. The UK Government is now working...

The Indian Government has reported that the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has accounted more than 670 thousand data breaches since the beginning of 2022. Since 2019, the cyber incidents trend has been on a steady increase rising concerns over the awareness and preparedness of Indian entities against this phenomenon. Read more on the...

The Albanian government and all online public services websites have been closed by the Albanian National Agency for the Information Society (AKSHI), as a result of a cyber attack allegedly directed from outside the Mediterranean country. AKSHI reported to have swiftly operated to defuse the attack, in cooperation with Microsoft and the tech company that...

African ShopRite supermarket chain, the largest in Africa, issued a statement to inform that it suffered a ransomware attack that endangered the personal data of customers and users across Eswatini, Namibia and Zambia. The data compromise included names and ID numbers, but allegedly no financial information. The hackers gang RansomHouse has claimed responsibility for the...

A research by Recorded Future’s Inskit Group has analysed the spike in cyber attacks against Latin American institutions between January and May 2022. It suggests that those institutions were easy targets for ransomware attackers due to lack of proper cybersecurity hygiene in the region. The research concludes that those cyber attacks “could constitute a credible national...

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