HighlightsPast eventsResourcesUpcoming eventsJune 23, 2020PrivacyRules webinar on cyber-criminality

The audience will be allowed to interact with our first class speakers during the webinar and in the Q&A session at the end of their presentations.

Recording available here

Key topics 

  • Main crime trends EUROPOL has observed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic: what are the further developments in cyber-criminality that EUROPOL expects?
  • Has the pandemic generated new crimes or witnessing new packaging?
  • Have Data Authorities been successfully exercising their supervisory competencies on new legislation pertaining to COVID-19 monitoring measures?
  • Is there a role to play for privacy and tech experts from the private sector, in support of Covid-19 related cybercrime-fighting efforts?
  • How do criminals use any type of vulnerabilities, and how are states and other actors (in Europe and globally) reacting to that?

Who should watch the webinar?

Think tanks, academic researchers, data protection officers, policy advisors, law enforcement officers, strategic analysts, elected representatives, cybersecurity professionals, competent ministry officials, lawyers and other advisers in the area of data protection, compliance and cyber security.