Privacy espresso seriesResourcesFebruary 16, 2023Overview on the Hong Kong data transfer framework – PART 1 – Data inbound

New privacyespresso series: two episodes to delve into data transfer in and out of Hong Kong.

In this first episode Alessandro Di Mattia and Pàdraig Walsh, PrivacyRules expert for the Hong Kong jurisdiction, discuss the data transfer’s inbound in Hong Kong.

First of all, Pádraig and Alessandro provide and overview on how the Schrems II decision has impacted the Hong Kong practice specifically.

Secondly, they move forward by specifying how Hong Kong’s #regulation may meet #European requirements and why.

Finally, Pàdraig provides his expert view on the possible trends of this matter in the near future, with some insights into which can be the best approach to it for businesses exchanging data with Hong Kong.

Sounds interesting? Watch this privacyespresso to know more….