Privacy espresso seriesResourcesJanuary 5, 2023Overview of the EU-U.S adequacy decision : US perspective

In this privacyespresso we hosted our US expert Yugo Nagashima from the law firm Frost Brown Todd, to receive his relevant insights on the recent draft adequacy decision on the EU-US data privacy “Framework“.After providing some introductory notes on the backgrounds of this draft, the potential effects of such a document, and what is an Executive Order (the mean used by the US to regulate the Framework), Yugo delves into the key features of the newly proposed structure and its differences with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

In this espresso, Yugo and Alessandro focus on the Framework’s fundamental principles compared to the GDPR principles to summarize where the two laws really merge and where those are more distant.

Watch this privacyespresso to learn more about the Framework which received a draft adequacy decision.