Members’ updatesJanuary 10, 2023News from the Australian PrivacyRules member: Spam and communications law compliance

PrivacyRules Australian law firm member Macpherson Kelley publishes an interesting insight on spam and compliance obligations. There you can read that while many businesses have clued in that privacy and data are big-ticket issues, both in Australia and overseas, what they might miss are their communication compliance obligations. Communications compliance (anti-spam) is actually a part of the privacy and data law framework of which businesses have a legal obligation to comply. Why is this an often-overlooked component of privacy and data compliance? It’s possible many businesses just don’t think their communications would be considered spam and so these laws aren’t relevant to them – but the reality is they’d be wrong. These laws can be breached without intending to scam anyone – so, read Macpherson Kelley’s insight.