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In this privacyespresso, we dive deep into India’s Data Privacy Law with Privacyrules expert Stephen Mathias from the renowned Indian law firm Kochhar&Co.

Here are some key takeaways:

– Enforcement Timeline: The law has been passed but is yet to come into force. The government estimates it will take between 6 to 10 months for full implementation.

– Law Overview: This law, with five years in the making and five drafts, is simpler than GDPR. It includes rights for data fiduciaries, and consent is a central theme.

– Impact on Foreign Companies: Foreign companies processing Indian data may fall under the law if they offer goods and services to Indian residents. Indian businesses processing foreign data may have exemptions, but certain obligations, like data security standards, still apply.

– Advice for Data Controllers and Processors: With the law on the horizon, businesses need to:

1. Understand the law and its requirements.

2. Define what data they collect and why.

3. Determine if they have valid grounds for data processing.

4. Prepare detailed notices for data subjects.

5. Implement technology and processes to manage personal data effectively.

Privacy compliance is a competitive advantage that builds trust among customers, clients, and investors.

Don’t miss this insightful conversation where we explore the timeline for enforcement of India’s Data Privacy Law, the law’s main elements, its impact on foreign companies, and offer practical advice for data controllers and processors.