Privacy espresso seriesResourcesJanuary 7, 2021The do’s and don’ts of employer-conducted control measures in Norway

With the ever-increasing presence of technology in the workplace and the risks associated with the use of digital tools, information sharing, and employees working from home, control measures in Norway are on the rise. Such, measures, ranging from access controls to GPS tracking, are subject to the GDPR as incorporated into the Norwegian Personal Data Act. Furthermore, the Norwegian Working Environment Act and its appurtenant regulations impose several procedural obligations on employers wishing to implement control measures in the workplace. Failure to comply with these obligations could not only expose the employer to potential liability and loss of reputation but also render any evidence gathered through the measure inadmissible before the Norwegian courts.

Our Norwegian expert, Alexander Mollan from Brækhus Advokatfirma DA, delves into this complicated patchwork of laws in order to provide you with some practical tips on how to avoid any risk in dealing with this sector.