Jan Tomíšek

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Jan Tomíšek is the head of ROWAN LEGAL’s Brno office. He specializes in software law, electronic signatures and identification, cyber security, personal data protection, and consumer protection. Apart from IT, he is a specialist in legislation drafting and construction law. Besides working in advocacy, he is also an external doctoral student at the Department of Law and Technology, Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, where he regularly teaches software law and personal data protection. He won the Lawyer of the Year award in the category of Talent of the Year in 2016.

Jan is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Informatics, and Faculty of Economics and Administration at Masaryk University. Besides law, he has also studied cyber security and management. He is a certified professional in privacy protection (CIPP/E).

Jan helps his clients with the digitalizing transformation of their businesses: he has provided consultancy services to a number of clients from the private and public sectors regarding the digitalization of their projects, engaged in the drafting of new regulations on identification in banking, and drawn up the legislation on digitalization of the building permit procedure. He also specializes in the preparation and negotiation of comprehensive contractual documentation – he leads a team that provides services of this kind to Bankovní Identita, a.s. Jan also supports his clients in the area of personal data protection and cyber security both in everyday matters and in inspections, as well as in administrative or legal proceedings. In the field of consumer protection, he is an expert in e-commerce. In the sphere of IT, he not only helps his clients with setting up relationships with their customers but also provides consultancy e.g. regarding the use of open-source software. Besides IT, he actively engages in the recodification of construction law.

Jan is the co-author of a unique publication Právo v síti: průvodce právem na internetu (C. H. Beck, 2016), the first Czech commentary on the GDPR (Wolters Kluwer, 2 ed. 2018), and the first Czech textbook on IT law (Wolters Kluwer, 2018). He regularly publishes his works in specialist periodicals and speaks at local and international conferences on IT law.