Privacy espresso seriesResourcesJuly 28, 2022How can PR impact data privacy?

In this #privacyespresso , Samantha Hogg-Brandjes from GinjaNinja in South Africa talks to us about the power of PR and how, through this strategic story telling tool, data privacy can be effectively addressed and better understood and policies and plans implemented.

Indeed, In these cynical times where #misinformation and #distrust dominate and an advertising weary public seek real authenticity, Samantha H., owner and MD of GinjaNinja says public relations’ role has never been more important, or underutilised, for building trust.

As Samantha discussed also in her article “Building trust with the power of PR”, distrust is common-place today and businesses need to acknowledge the elephant in the room and start considering how to market and communicate differently with their customers, especially after a #databreach.

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