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Wednesday 28 September at 9.00 am COT

Structure: 2 sessions of 45 mins including 10 mins Q&A / total length of 1,5 hrs.

Anchor: Stella Vanegas Morales, Chair of the PrivacyRules LatAm Committee, Colombian legal member of PrivacyRules
Session 1: FinTech in LatAm: agility v. vulnerabilities and privacy requirements

• Mariano Peruzzotti, Argentinian legal member of PrivacyRules

1. Ljubica Vodanovic, Founding partner of Vodanovic Legal,Peru
2. Thais Garcez Lima de Mendonça, Head of Latin America Regulatory at Stripe
3. Erick Villalpando, Cybersecurity member of PrivacyRules
4. Catalina Guío Español, Legal Director, Fintech and Innovation at Banco Davivienda
Session 2: FinTech in LatAm: Private Capital Investment opportunities

• Luiza Sato, Brazilian legal member of PrivacyRules

1. Santiago Eraso Lomáquiz, Head of Legal, Compliance and Public Affairs at MODO; Vice President, IP Commission – Argentina, International Chamber of Commerce
2. Patrícia Cochoni, Head of Legal at Parfin
3. Estefanía Molina Ungar, General Counsel of ADDI
4. Paula Rojas, Bolivian legal member of PrivacyRules