HighlightsMembers’ updatesDecember 16, 2022Feedback to the European Data Protection Board

PrivacyRules provided feedback to the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) with a consolidated comment chart provided by our legal members from Timelex (Belgium), Matouk Bassiouny & Hennawy (Egypt), Tanner De Witt (Hong Kong), Pearl Cohen (Israel), RP Legal & Tax (Italy), Iwata Godo (Japan), DLG Law Corporation (South Korea), Shakespeare Martineau (UK) and Frost Brown Todd (USA).

We express our strong appreciation for the EDPB in its pursuit to gather opinions and positions related to the evolution of data protection in the Union and beyond. PrivacyRules looks forward to continuing this sort of distance expert dialogue with the Institution.

The alliance management team would also like to sincerely thank its members for making this document possible: Geert Somers, Chiara Rossana Agostini, Dotan Hammer, Kim Walker, Yugo Nagashima, Kyoung Min Pyo, Tamer Fawki, Padraig Walsh, Akira Matsuda, Makoto Adachi.