HighlightsPast eventsPrivacy espresso seriesResourcesFebruary 15, 2024Exploring the intersection of AI, privacy, and regulatory frameworks

In this privacyespresso episode, we delve deep into the intersection of AI, privacy, and regulatory landscapes with our esteemed Member, Volker Wodianka of Wodianka privacy legal GmbH, PrivacyRules German law firm member. As a passionate expert in privacy law, AI, and technology, Volker shares invaluable insights that are a must-listen for professionals navigating these fields.

Key Highlights:

  • The AI Act: Volker discusses the newly approved EU Artificial Intelligence Act, marking a significant step in AI regulation. He emphasizes the importance of understanding this act alongside other evolving laws to stay compliant and informed.
  • Risks and Opportunities: The discussion navigates through the potential risks and opportunities presented by AI, especially in professional services.
  • Compliance and Best Practices: From personal data handling to privacy by design, Volker offers practical advice on implementing AI tools in a way that respects privacy laws and enhances service quality.

This episode offers invaluable insights to anyone interested in the future of AI and privacy. Volker’s expertise provides a roadmap for embracing AI technologies while adhering to the regulatory framework and safeguarding data privacy.

Listen to the full episode to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current AI regulatory environment, its implications for businesses, and how to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Stay tuned for more insights in upcoming episodes of the PrivacyRules PrivacyEspresso series.

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