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A new #Chinese #privacy #law – the Personal Information #Protection Law (#PIPL) – took effect on November 1, 2021. But what are the key implications for businesses? How companies can  #comply with the new law?

This document gathered some practical tips and insights on how to #comply with the new law collected during our webinar hosted on November 24th. Learn how to #transfer data to/from China also in light of the #GDPR requirements by our #legal and #cybersecurity experts from China and Italy:

Jihong Chen, from the Chinese law firm Zhong Lun, addresses the most relevant elements of the #PIPL for #foreign companies operating in #China.

Chiara Rossana Agostini and Luca Egitto LL.M., from the Italian law firm RP Legal & Tax, presented the differences and similarities between the European General Data Protection Regulation (#GDPR) and the PIPL.

Sharon Luo, Managing Director of the China branch of the #international #cybersecurity company wizlynx group, focused on the most relevant cybersecurity aspects that companies have to #implement and deploy to #comply with the PIPL.

Open the PDF to find out more.