Mark Schnitter

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About the firm

Mark Schnitter is a highly motivated, results-driven IT professional with extensive experience spanning multiple industries utilizing various disciplines. His broad technical background, customer-driven focus and detailed orientated nature has facilitated his delivery of security initiatives, commercial software, management of large complex infrastructure projects, and implementation of value-driven scalable solutions for organizations of any size. His unique blend of application, infrastructure, and management enables him to provide balanced solutions. He excels in dynamic business and technology environments and easily adapts to new challenges. His communication skills allow him to work as a liaison at all levels of an organization from implementation staff and technical leaders to managers and c-level executives. Mark is typically engaged on projects related to security, management transition, infrastructure technologies, IT strategy, and project management. When not exploring new ideas and technologies, he enjoys time with his family pursuing outdoor activities (cycling, skiing, and hiking), woodworking, and music.

Mark is the CIO of Nexigen, one of the Cincinnati area’s largest IT service and cybersecurity firms specializing in providing enterprise IT resources for small and medium businesses. No other IT services firm in the Cincinnati area can touch their experience, customer service, or ability to deliver technology solutions that work exactly the way you want them to. Founded in 2003, the team of 50+ in-house technical resources provides support 24/7/365. Nexigen is a provider of technological solutions and cybersecurity, which seeks to offer results to small and medium enterprises, facing different problems of Information Technology. It adapts to the needs of the client. It addresses to provide a complete and constant service, which allows its clients to have Nexigen’s services at their hands at any time they require them.


  • IT services: technical support, law costs, immediate response and productivity.
  • Complete professional team: huge number of specialised technicians
  • Tech Support 24/7: support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Cybersecurity: Attacking and hacking prevention, countering of internal threats andcompliance.
  • Clouds solutions: security, technical support and data protection.
  • Data backup and recovery: prevent and counter unexpected situations, safeguard and defend the business and information, immediate response.

Global Reach: Nexigen is specialised in offering services in the US.