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About the firm

Innovery is a multinational company settled in Italy, Spain and Mexico. It offers a specialist advice service for innovative solutions about ICT. Managed by a professional and highly experienced team, the company focuses on the market of Finance, Industry, Utility, Energy, Retail and Telecommunication and Public Administration. Since 2019 following Wise investments, the Group aims at further accelerating its expansion by fostering organic growth, leveraging existing and building new relationships, and by implementing an M&A strategy to develop products, services and markets internationally. The approval the company has received in these years is due to the wide range of solutions and personalized services that we offer our clients. Their goals are to continue establishing partnerships with the most important leaders in the ICT world and to build stronger relationships with our clients based on professionalism, rapid and reliable support and services, and offer technologies and solutions useful to resolving present and increasing demands successfully. In the next three years, the company’s growth plan focuses on ergonomic improvements and the technological development in the present offices as well as opening new offices around the world and expanding offers in services and solutions. Innovery company consists of highly qualified professionals and they are assuming a leading role in the Information and Communications Technology world, which is full of incentives and in constant development.

Innovery is a multinational company that offers solutions to mid-size and large enterprises on Information and Communication Technologies based on innovative proposals. Innovery focuses mainly on the following sectors: Finance, Industry, Utilities, Energy, Retail, Telecommunications and Public Administration. This company has different ICT projects in different countries worldwide.


  • Security solutions: implementation of security solutions according to customer needs and their risks, such as defensive cybersecurity, offensive cybersecurity, managed security services, security governance and physical security.
  • Professional services and software provider (E-business): managing file transfers in a centralised way, special data handling, order management and inventory management.
  • Data intelligence: data collection, processing, analysis and visualization, and specialized service in configuration and development of technologies.
  • Network: Systems integration and consultancy and network design.
  • Health care: scientific coordination, organizational and logistical aspects, and technological and communication support.
  • Provision of mobile services: management of the invoicing process and technological development.
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC): Support for the development of high-performance technologies in the fields of industrial design, engineering, financial applications.
  • Safety of cities: innovative technologies for the design and implementation of advanced solutions to improve access to services and security in cities.

Global Reach: With offices in Italy, Spain and Mexico Innovery can operate both in Europe and America.