Charlotte Riley

     United Kingdom  
    [email protected]

About the firm

Charlotte Riley is a skilled Security Leader with 15 years of IT and Information Security experience and proven expertise in security architecture, consulting, and design. Having supported the MOD, MOJ, UK Government, NATO, and leading Fortune 200 organisations in a broad range of complex security programs. Charlotte is an accomplished, focused professional with a rich background and skillset.

CSS Assure provides Information Security Consultancy including Cyber Security/Resilience and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).CSS recognised how complicated GDPR compliance, cyber resilience and overall information security is to businesses/organisations without internal expertise. Their aim, and what makes them different, is that they make cyber, GDPR and information security simple for their clients. They pride themselves in their ability to educate, inform and explain in simple, clear non-tech language what organisations need to be resilient and survive in the Digital Economy.CSS offers cyber and GDPR audits and maturity assessments that provide independent benchmarking of your organisations’ information security maturity. Uniquely, our audit considers your cyber and GDPR maturity together, rather than separately, and thus ensures a coherent dovetailed approach to your information security.

CSS Assure Services include:

  • Cyber resilience and GDPR maturity assessments.
  • GDPR consultancy and compliance services.
  • Cyber consultancy and compliance services.
  • DPO as a Service.
  • CISO as a Service.
  • CIO as a Service.
  • GDPR training.
  • Cyber training.
  • Business analysis
  • Project management