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About the firm

First Bridge is a R&D technology company that creates outstanding solutions based on the most ambitious ideas. Starting with ideation and concept creation, it deliver turnkey solutions, ranging from complex enterprise-grade systems and sophisticated national scale biometric ID system to tailor-made blockchain solutions, Fintech and DeFi products.

First Bridge sees technology as a key to the modern world. It pierces every industry in the global market. Taking it to the next level is crucial to becoming a market leader. First Bridge strives to deliver upon this need.

First Bridge provides software solutions to different companies and organisations for any problem that may arise related to Information Technology. It provides IT security services at both enterprise and government levels. It seeks to help its customers in the digitisation of their organisations and has a large team of developers that carries out technological research to offer innovative solutions.


  • IT R&D Audit: in order to identify potential risks and analyse the different solution alternatives.
  • Research: specific research through a team of experts to evaluate alternatives for expansion and improvement. to digitally improve the profile of its customers and improve their processes.
  • Development of different software based on blockchain protocols.
  • Postlaunch support to its customers on the processes implemented by First Bridge.
  • Payment gateway: cashless payments for goods and services.
  • Automated control system: tracks the movement of products from the manufacturer to the end-user.
  • Employee tracking solution: identification of the company’s employees and increase their effectiveness.
  • IFS System: high-performance financial platform used, among others, to speed up processes, minimise costs and fees, make information exchange more effective.
  • Binocular Vision AI.

Global Reach: With offices in Europe, FirstBridge delivers specific solutions, counsels on and implements R&D processes in multiple continents.