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About the firm

IMfluenciar is a Reputation boutique focused in creating, designing, and transmitting corporate Reputation. Designing and developing the perception, image, and prestige of the company, positioning it to stakeholders.

Specialized in tech sectors, digital, as well as fashion, financial and launching startups.

Our methodology is grounded on an Ad-hoc labor designed especially for the client, based on its values, ethics, philosophy, basis, history… all switched around our strategic reputation methodology, structured on three main pillars:

  • Marketing

We believe in all metrics to be analyzed, and scales adjusted, to propose a best solution for achieving objectives.

  • Communication

Online and offline communication, relationships with niche media, search for opportunities, active listening in the media for each client.

  • Social Media

Compliance with the strategy and implementation in social media of content, controlled and measured. With the highest quality standards and good relations with influencers.

The three wheels of the gear support each other together, pivoting through three axes, content, creativity, and strategy.

Reputation is loyalty, image and recognition.