Privacy espresso seriesResourcesMarch 23, 2023Actual data protection law in Ukraine and forecasts for its EU-GDPR compliance

In this privacyespresso we discuss with our expert from Ukraine Oksana Zadniprovska, Partner of the law firm Axon.Partners, about the actual data protection framework in Ukraine and how this keeps being a relevant business in the country.

Oksana details what are the main laws, when they were adopted and underlines when and where they are similar to what we know as best practices in the sector. Then, she provides us with 2-3 tips and good reasons to comply with privacy laws for businesses coming from or having business with Ukraine such as reporting obligations, the level of consumers’ privacy awareness, the enforcement capabilities and related risks.

To conclude she makes some forecasts on the next development of the privacy law detailing Ukraine’s ambitions also as an EU candidate with a GDPR-based law.