Members’ updatesMarch 10, 20229 legal questions when organising webinars

Since the first appearance of covid19, the online events sector radically changed, becoming the main way to spread easily reachable informative content and to join open debates among experts. However, organizing webinars requires some relevant privacy considerations.

The PrivacyRules experts Geert Somers and Bernd Fiten, from the Belgian law firm Timelex, explain this current topic by answering the following 9 legal questions when organizing webinars:

1. How will I invite participants to the webinar?
2. Who am I going to invite to the webinar?
3. Can I send participants marketing emails after the webinar?
4. What do I need to inform webinar participants about?
5. How should I inform webinar participants?
6. What arrangements do I make with a speaker?
7. Can I share data from webinar participants?
8. Can the webinar be recorded?
9. Can I post the recorded webinar online?

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