Independent researcher reveals 4.9 million rows of exposed data from a an addiction treatment center

An independent researcher discovered an improperly secured ElasticSearch database that contained personally identifiable information (PII) of almost 150,000 patients.

The CNPD has just published guidelines concerning "election campaigns with due regard to the protection of personal data”.

In view of the European elections that will take place on May 26, 2019, the CNPD wishes to sensitize the political actors on the risks related in particular to the collection and processing of personal data of voters for electoral purposes. The CNPD also intends to issue recommendations and expose good practices in the field of digital election campaigns with due respect for the protection of personal data.

The Round Table of African Data Protection Authorities (RADPA) will focus on data protection

Privacy, data protection and responsible use of identity schemes are at the forefront of the ID4Africa 2019 agenda

Data State Inspectorate of Latvia releases an infographic on the use of data under pre-elections period

The document provides information for voters on the processing of personal data during the pre-election period of the European Parliament

The Bulgarian CEC and CPDP adopted joint guidelines on the processing and protection of personal data in the election process

The document was prepared on the basis of the provisions of Regulation (EC) 2016/679, the European Commission's Guidelines for the Implementation of Union Law on Data Protection in the Election Observations of 12.09.2018, as well as the CEC and CPDP