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Legal dispute on data protection may enhance investment in Pakistan

An ongoing legal dispute between an online marketplace (OLX) and the largest automobile sales website in Pakistan (PakWheels) may turn in favour of the local data market development. The debate regards a case of intellectual property theft and copyright infringement that could create the legal foundation for future tech investments in the country. An expected court ruling may provide a currently lacking interpretation of Pakistan’s laws on copyright, intellectual property and consumer protection. This would help companies to comprehend the present rules and to understand the protections they can expect in the future, enhancing investments.

Read more from Reuters here
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EU Justice Commissioner raises concerns about the US CLOUD Act

The EU Justice Commissioner, Věra Jourová, has posted a statement on twitter underlining the European Commission’s concerns about the CLOUD Act's fast-track approval in the U.S. The Commissioner warned that the procedure could affect the compatibility between EU and US frameworks on the flow of data.

Find Commissioner Jourová’s statement here

Find the US CLOUD Act official text here
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The EDPS publishes new guidelines on IT governance and management under GDPR

Two months before the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has published new guidelines on the protection of personal data in IT governance and IT management of EU Institutions. The guidelines focus on specific topics such as recruitment and appraisals and describe the use of IT equipment in the workplace and in disciplinary procedures. The document aims to explain how the management and governance of IT infrastructures should be adapted in accordance with the new EU data protection provisions that are focused on the principle of accountability. The guidelines may also be a useful source of information for organisations outside the EU, or as a supplement to guidance offered by national data protection authorities.

Access the guidelines here
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Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council publishes a new draft on ePrivacy

The Bulgarian EU Presidency has published a discussion paper on a draft of a new ePrivacy Regulation. The document incorporates a number of revisions made during a previous examination on 7 March 2018 as well as an Annex modifying articles 8, 10, 15 and 16 of the draft Regulation.

Find the text here
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US government includes the CLOUD Act in the Omnibus funding bill

Today, after over four years of discussions between the congressional leaders of both parties, the CLOUD Act was included in the Omnibus funding bill. The proposed CLOUD Act could represent a fundamental step forward, establishing how law enforcement agencies can access data across borders. Microsoft President Brad Smith hailed it as a good compromise that responds to the needs of foreign governments to conduct investigations for crimes in their own countries. The CLOUD Act recognises the possibility for tech companies to stand up for the privacy rights of their clients and includes a privacy safeguard preventing governments from using it to oblige US companies to create backdoors around encryption.

Find the bill here

Find Microsoft President Brad Smith’s statement here