Privacy Commissioners launch joint investigation into Tim Hortons mobile app

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, along with three provincial counterparts, will launch an investigation into a Tim Hortons mobile ordering application after media reports raised concerns about how the app may be collecting and using data about people’s movements as they go about their daily activities.

Tiktok to transfer data control to UK arm ahead of Brexit

Tiktok has said it will be moving ownership of its users’ data in Europe to local subsidiaries, in a boost to its British arm as it prepares for new post-Brexit regulations.

Beware of fake coronavirus antibody tests, the FBI warns

cammers continue to capitalize on coronavirus misinformation by offering fake antibody tests, the FBI warned, which could be used to steal personal information.

São Paulo subway facial recognition system slammed over user data security and privacy

The company responsible for the operation of São Paulo's subway system has failed to demonstrate sufficient evidence that it is ensuring the protection of user privacy in the implementation of a new platform that will use facial recognition technology.

The most stressful four hours of my career:' How it feels to be the victim of a hacking attack

Being a victim of cybercrime can be about much more than just the financial losses.