51 tech CEOs send open letter to Congress asking for a federal data privacy law

The chief executive officers (CEOs) of 51 tech companies have signed and sent an open letter to Congress leaders today, asking for a federal law on user data privacy to supersede the rising number of privacy laws that are cropping up at the state level.

Google faces probe over child privacy violations in Brazil

Google is being investigated in Brazil over the potential collection of data belonging to children and teenagers for the purposes of targeted advertising.

CNIL's Q&A for a "No-deal Brexit"

The CNIL specifies, in a series of questions and answers, the recommendations and steps to follow in order to prepare for the "No-deal Brexit" scenario.

Dutch Supervisor report reveals a strong increase in privacy complaints

According to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens report (in Dutch language only), the number of privacy complaints continues to increase sharply. More than 15,000 people filed a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) in the first six months of this year, that is almost 60% more than in the second half of 2018. An explanation for this is that the possibility of submitting privacy complaints is new in the Netherlands and is becoming increasingly well-known. It is also likely that the Netherlands is a highly digitized country.

Cayman Islands Data Protection Law Goes into Force This Month

The Cayman Islands Data Protection Law, 2017 (“DPL”), which was published in June 2017, will go into force on September 30, 2019.