Indian Minister for IT and Electronics would never like data sovereignty of India to be compromised

The government asserted that it will not allow the country's data sovereignty to be compromised and made it clear that sensitive and super-sensitive data must reside in India.

New White Paper Explores Privacy and Security Risk to Machine Learning Systems

The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) released a white paper, WARNING SIGNS: The Future of Privacy and Security in an Age of Machine Learning, exploring how machine learning systems can be exposed to new privacy and security risks, and explaining approaches to data protection.

Silicon Valley Launches Campaign To Quash State Privacy Laws

The Silicon Valley trade organization Internet Association this week launched a campaign advocating for a federal privacy law that would override state laws.

Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information issued a € 200.000 fine for GDPR violation

This is the highest DSGVO fine ever imposed in Germany: The Delivery Hero Germany GmbH must pay 195,407 euros, as the Berlin data protection officer Maja Smoltczyk announced in a statement.

UK police and companies must stop using live facial recognition for public surveillance

UK police and companies must stop using live facial recognition for public surveillance, politicians and campaigners have said. The technology allows faces captured on CCTV to be checked in real time against watch lists, often compiled by police. Privacy campaigners say it is inaccurate, intrusive and infringes on an individual's right to privacy.