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IT investment lacks strategy

According to Deloitte’s 2018 "mid-market technology trends report", the rapid growth of technology innovations and provisions has not been sufficiently planned. The report, which surveyed 500 executives in the mid-market and private segments, recognizes an increasing C-suite involvement in tech activities. 57% of the surveyed subjects claimed that technological expenditure is higher than last year and that savings are used to invest in technologies and to find new talent in the digital sector. In spite of this, one-third of executives declared they are lacking formal IT governance plans.

The report is available here
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McMillan LLP joins PrivacyRules

McMillan LLP from Canada just joined PrivacyRules becoming the 40th founding member of the alliance. McMillan provides services in all major business sectors with a deep understanding of their relationship with privacy and data protection laws. McMillan guarantees highly privacy and cybersecurity advice thanks to its specialised teams that can guide clients through data breach situations, provide cyber risks mitigation and assist on privacy and data protection compliance.

Find out more about McMillan LLP here
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Skype develops E2E security measures

Skype has always used an encryption system to prevent malicious interception and decryption of user communication, but now it has strengthened it with the Signal Protocol (the same system used in WhatsApp and in Facebook's Open Whisper). While the previous system relied on centralized encryption control, the new de-centralised system is placed on every device where Skype is running. End-to-end encryption will better resist possible attempts to violate privacy by preventing tampering with messages, retrieving old conversations, or intercepting ongoing communications. The system protects both sides of a conversation and prevents third parties from reading or listening to messages.

Microsoft started testing the new system in January 2018 and now the function is available for individual text messages, file transfers and audio calls that take place through the platform.

See Microsoft’s announcement here
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What about GDPR in Africa?

The ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) has published an ICT Policy brief that explores the possible impact of the GDPR on African states and business entities. The document examines different African laws in relation to the main aspects of the GDPR such as consent, data transfers and data breaches. Finally, the brief considers the possible impact of the EU regulation underlining that the EU has announced a Euro 44 billion fund as part of its External Investment Plan (EIP) to increase business investments in Africa and to support GDPR compliance. CIPESA notes that the use of such funds will likely determine the ability of African entities to attract or retain European business partners.

The brief has been published here
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Fear of Big Government Outweighs Privacy Concerns

Americans Fear Government Oversight More than Potential Invasions of Privacy by Corporations