Alert: Targeted ransomware attacks on the UK education sector by cyber criminals

First death reported following a ransomware attack on a German hospital

Death occurred after a patient was diverted to a nearby hospital after the Duesseldorf University Hospital suffered a ransomware attack.

CCloud Industry Unites to Create Global Standard for Transfer of Personal Data following ‘Schrems II’ ruling

The creators of the data protection market standard for cloud, the EU Cloud Code of Conduct, today announced work is underway on a proposed legal solution for the transfer of personal data outside the EU. Once approved by data protection authorities, the solution could be an alternative to the recently annulled EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, previously relied on by thousands of businesses who now face disruption and uncertainty when transferring EU citizens’ data across the Atlantic.

The Irish DPC published a guideline on data processing for covid-19 contact tracing

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) has published a guildeline on the processing of data for covid-19 contact tracing. The guideline is predominantly addressed to help businesses nagivate this difficult times when clients' and employees' health security is a concern. Businesses will be allowed to store data for a period of one month.

The Irish High Court has admitted the judicial review requested by Facebook

Max Schrems NGO NOYB (none of your business) reports that "a Judicial Review allows parties to have the Courts review an ongoing procedure, even before a final decision is made. Facebook has complained to the Courts within weeks of a new "ex officio" investigation by the DPC into Facebook's EU-US data flows. This new case is aimed at the use of SCCs and limited to such data flows - completely ignoring the fact that Facebook has already announced to rely on a different transfer instruments for EU-US data transfers. The DPC planned to refer this case to the European Consistency Mechanism of all 27 Member States' Data Protection Authorities within 42 days. This timeline is now not achievable anymore". Find more at NYOB's webpage here.