The Schrems’ Facebook complaint has been referred to the ECJ

The Supreme Court of Austria has  accepted the request and referred the Schrems’ complaint against Facebook to the Court of Justice of the European Union. Following the challenge of the legal basis for the collection of user data, the Court has also awarded symbolic damages to activist Max Schrems over the privacy case against Facebook.

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China has a new cybersecurity centre

The National Cybersecurity Centre is China’s desired cyber powerhouse. The centre, whose building started in 2017, will be home to a National Cybersecurity School, research lab, incubator and talent cultivator. Although there are certain challenges that China has to face before becoming a cyber centre, it has already put the foundations of a cybersecurity education.

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TikTok fined for alleged children’s privacy violation

The Dutch Data Protection Authority fined TikTok with € 750,000 after it found that the mobile app did not display a Dutch version of the app, including the privacy statement, and therefore not providing clear information on how personal data is collected, processed and used by TikTok. In this context, the app was fined for violating children’s privacy by failing to comply with the principle of transparency.

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Data privacy debates between EU and US are still continuing in the second year

Alex Greenstein, the U.S. Privacy Shield Director confirmed that debates on the EU-US privacy shield are still developing in the second year since the commence of the talks. After the Court of Justice of the European Union ruling of last year that banned data transfers to the US in order to protect EU citizens, the U.S. Commerce Department is fighting for a deal allowing the legal transfer of data across the Atlantic. 

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The 2020 Summer Olympics allegedly hit by a data breach

Amid the allegations made by a government official that a limited number of login IDs and passwords for the ticket portal had been leaked and posted on a website, a spokesperson stated that whilst they are aware of the incident, the leak did not affect the system of the Tokyo 2020. Since the former news, the team has taken measures in order to further secure the credentials.

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