Facebook's cryptocurrency project to pursue payments license in Switzerland

The Libra Association said has asked the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to offer more insight into how the coin – called the "Libra" – will be regulated by the country's government.

Morocco deliberates on a moratorium on facial recognition

The CNDP (National Commission for the Control of Personal Data Protection) is undergoing discussions for the establishment of standards defining the use of facial recognition technology in respect of the privacy of individuals.The CNDP has agreed on the need to regulate and strictly control the use of this technology.

Statement from the Press Secretary on the European Union–United States Privacy Shield Framework

The US Administration looks forward to hosting the third annual joint review of the European Union–United States Privacy Shield Framework in Washington, D.C., later this week.

UK ICO reiterates GDPR warning to ad tech companies

Speaking at ExchangeWire’s ATS event in London on Sept. 9, the ICO’s head of technology and policy, Ali Shah, encouraged ad tech businesses still relying on a legitimate interest to come forward and engage with the regulator. Shah promised those that do so won’t face financial penalties — as long as they come forward within the next four months.

Judge lets Facebook privacy class action proceed, calls company's views 'so wrong'

According to Reuters, A federal judge ordered Facebook Inc (FB.O) to face most of a nationwide lawsuit seeking damages for letting third parties such as Cambridge Analytica access users’ private data, calling the social media company’s views on privacy “so wrong.”