The BfDI has released a Statement on the publication of data by members of the German Bundestag and other stakeholders

On the occasion of the special meeting the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Ulrich Kelber declared that this incident proves that digitization can also be associated with considerable data protection risks.



ICO advises companies on Brexit

Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham sets out how the ICO is helping businesses, particularly SMEs, prepare for a possible no-deal Brexit

Italian DPA advises about the “app economy emergency” (Italian only document)

Antonello Soro, President of the Italian DPA, discussed the issue during is latest speech

Swiss company refuses a judge’s order to hand over the email archives

Trafigura has refused a judge’s order to preserve the email related to two former Brazilian executives charged for bribery.

Tech giants tries push-back India's new regulations

Tech giants are fighting the new Indian rules requiring them to regulate their contents with one of the world’s biggest Internet markets