Spanish DPA release its changes to the Robinson List, an advertising exclusion service to promote the protection of citizens' data

Lithuanian DPA says GDPR does not prohibit the processing of personal data of debtors

Cases investigated by the State Data Protection Inspectorate show that there are sometimes misunderstandings about the processing of personal data in the debt recovery process but personal data are definitely processed in the debt collection processes

Portuguese CNPD issues guidance on political marketing

The CNPD last week approved Directive 2019/1 on the processing of personal data in the context of electoral campaigns and political marketing, taking into account the various electoral acts that are approaching in Portugal

The Data Inspectorate of Sweden organizes three conferences focusing on data protection and integrity

One year after the implementation of the data protection reform, the Data Inspectorate has planned three conferences in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. At the conferences, the authority's experts, together with other Swedish and international speakers, will share their experiences and also look forward.

Academics said: Tech giants should share data rather than break them up

Three academics enlisted by the European Commission said that the EU antitrust regulators should consider forcing tech giants such as Google and Amazon to share their data with rivals rather than break them up