Thailand's personal data protection decree enforcement delayed

A royal decree drafted to postpone the enforcement of most sections in Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) by a year will be tabled before the cabinet for approval next week, says the Digital Economy and Society (DES) Ministry.

Coronavirus: a common approach for safe and efficient mobile tracing apps across the EU

Member States, with the support of the Commission, have published guidelines to ensure interoperability between mobile tracing and warning apps across EU.

Google is auditioning candidates to succeed the third-party cookie

Google is ready to test some of its recently announced “Privacy Sandbox” proposals with other exchanges and demand-side platforms to see how its plans to replace third-party cookies with less data-invasive solutions will actually work within advertising auctions.

Google: If you don’t want us to track your phone – just get another tracking ID!

The advocacy group filed a formal GDPR complaint against Google for tracking users through an “Android Advertising ID” without a valid legal basis. The data collected with this unique tracking ID is passed on to countless third parties in the advertising ecosystem. The user has no real control over it: Google does not allow to delete an ID, just to create a new one.

EU urges voluntary use of virus-tracing apps to speed recovery from pandemic

According to Reuters, the European Commission urged EU governments on Wednesday to use COVID-19 contact tracing apps on a voluntary basis as part of efforts to lift border restrictions and revive the European Union’s tourism and travel industries.