Cyber becomes the fifth dimension of warfare, according to UK armed forces

Military leaders in UK are planning to invest in cybersecurity capabilities and skills in the next years, as cyber becomes the fifth domain of warfare, together with sea, land, air and space. This essentially means that the protection of digital communications should be prioritized, as well as strengthening the defensive and offensive cybersecurity capabilities

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Three companies have been fined by ICO after sending millions of nuisance messages

We Buy Any Car, Sports Direct and Saga are the three companies that have been recently fined by ICO on account of sending millions of nuisance messages. The fines imposed on the three companies reach a total of £495,000 for 354 million nuisance messages. ICO decided to start investigations after complaints by the public. It has been found out that the entities did not have any prior permission from individuals to send marketing emails or texts. 

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Snapchat hired the first global head of platform safety

Amid the global pressure from regulators and lawmakers, Snapchat, one of the targeted social media giants, has hired an online safety advocate as the Global Head of Platform Safety. Jacqueline Beauchere will be tasked with the creation of new policies and with the representation of safety work to regulators, lawmakers and partners.

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Ireland’s Data Protection Commission opened two privacy probes into TikTok

TikTok's lead data privacy regulator in the European Union has started two privacy probes into the social media company. The first inquiry is linked with the processing of personal data of users under 18 years old and to the verification measures for persons under 13 years old. The second probe focuses on the transfers of personal data to China and compliance with the EU data law.

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U.S. Lawmakers press Facebook to cease the launch of new platforms for children

Facebook is planning to launch a version of Instagram for children, based on its findings on children’s well-being. The internal research showed that the app is harmful for a important amount of young users, amongst which teen girls seem to be the most affected. In this context, some lawmakers urge Facebook to fulfil its obligation of protecting the young users.


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