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Federal Trade Commission submits policy statement on health apps and unauthorized disclosures

The Commission declared that developers of health apps are encouraged to notify users whenever a data privacy occurs. Unauthorised disclosures of their identifiable health information should be part of the notification, according to the Commission. This update will extend the Health Breach Notification Rule that is now covering vendors of personal health records and their service providers – to app developers.

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Olympus experiences BlackMatter ransomware attack

The technology company stated that it is currently conducting investigations on a cybersecurity incident that may have affected the European, Middle East and Africa computer network. Other sources say that Olympus was hit by a ransomware attack that took place on 8 September. The attacker is thought to be BlackMatter, due to information on website that connects victims with the attackers. A representative of the company also declared that the customer service has not been affected by the incident.

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Cybercriminals continue attacking healthcare organisations as COVID-19 infections increase

As the new wave of COVID-19 infections is on the rise in some regions, cybercriminals continue to attack healthcare institutions. On top of this, some of the ransomware groups are starting to leak the data obtained from the attacks. Groups like Vice Society operate a data leak site. The cybercriminals are publishing data exfiltrated from victims that don’t pay the ransoms.

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Issues on the digital driver’s licenses

Maryland is the eight U.S. state to introduce the digital driver’s licenses. The program will be initially available for iPhones users and will enable the drivers to download the digital credential in their devices. However, issues like the security of the credential and the degree of authentication have already arose. Issues relating to who will have access to the digital validation protocols are equally emerging in this context.

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INTERPOL to address the current global crime threats

Interior and Security Ministers of the G7 countries propose that INTERPOL tackles the global crime threats and terrorism by resorting to an increased expertise and operational support, as well as sharing of information. One of the priorities includes the sharing of data to identify terrorists travelling in or out of Afghanistan. 

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