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Meet the Member Podcast n. 9 - Meet Agnieszka Wiercińska-Krużewska from WKB

Even if the GDPR has harmonized the data protection regulations within the EU, there are still some differences between one country to another. Agnieszka stresses how many other Polish Laws have been influenced by the GDPR and how the local legislator has acted to avoid conflicts as much as possible.

But, of course, some problems emerged. What's happening exactly and which are the best ways to approach such issues? Agnieszka offered us her practical experience and an overview of interesting cases in Poland to help us understand what approach needs to be taken from every business in Poland.

Find the Youtube version of the Podcast here!

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Meet the Member Podcast n. 8 - Meet Jodi Daniels from Red Clover Advisors

Jodi Daniels, founder of Red Clover Advisors discuss the latest on Data Protection regimes in the US, the privacy related challenges that companies faces everyday and how to approach data privacy regulations such as CCPA. 
Jodi also offers some practical advise to people interested in doing business in the US with some forecasts on the future development of privacy regulations in the country.

Find the Podcast also in Youtube here

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Meet the Member Podcast n. 7 - Meet Leon Patrice Sarr from LPS [email protected]

Our Alessandro and our expert, Léon Patrice SARR from LPS [email protected], discusses the Data Privacy issues faced by Senegalese people everyday and the main challenges for companies in Senegal regarding the local data privacy regulation and its evolution.

The interview ends with some practical advice for people interested in doing business in Senegal.

Find the YouTube video of the Podcast here

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Meet The Member Podcast n.6 Meet Stella Vanegas Morales of Vanegas Morales Consultores

Find the Podcast's video here!

Stella Vanegas Morales, founder of Vanegas Morales Consultores and expert for the Colombian jurisdiction at PrivacyRules help us understanding the data protection regulation in her country. Learn more on the main data privacy challenges for Colombian companies, the best practices to avoid issues and how to assess the risks involved to the use of data!

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Cathay Pacific - British Airways, Airlines data breaches comparison Podcast

The Podcast's video is available on YouTube here.

Our UK and Hong Kong experts, Kim Walker and Padraig Walsh, discuss with us on the recent data breaches involving respectively the two Airlines of Cathay Pacific (violating 9.4 million personal data) and British Airways (disclosing 500 K customers' information).

The discussion focuses on the different approach of the Hong Kong's Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data ant the UK's Information Commissioner Office resulting no fines in the first case and an intention of £183m fine in UK. 

How is it possible to have so different results? Is that difference just a result of the GDPR presence in UK and absence in HK? 

Discover it with us in this great podcast!! 


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PrivacyRules Webinar on GDPR First Year

PrivacyRules launches its fourth webinar dedicated to the GDPR in its first-year implementation.

PrivacyRules gathered six of its EU experts to analyze the different approaches of their respective countries to the GDPR with particular attention to the decisions of their respective Supervisory Authorities and the related lessons learned. The participating experts were:

  1. Agnieszka Wiercińska-Krużewska from Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr (Poland);
  2. Geert Somers from Timelex (Belgium);
  3. Jean-Christophe Chevallier from Ydés Avocats (France);
  4. Kim Walker from Shakespeare Martineau (United Kingdom);
  5. Péter Szaniszlai from Lakatos, Köves and Partners (Hungary);
  6. Stefanos Tsimikalis, Tsimikalis Kalonarou (Greece).




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Meet the Member Podcast n.5 - Meet Padraig Walsh of Tanner de Witt (Hong Kong)

Click here to see the video of this Podcast on Youtube

Our Alessandro and Padraig Walsh, Partner of Tanner De Witt, and PrivacyRules expert for Hong Kong, explore the Data protection regime in Hong Kong discussing its most recent developments and some interesting cases of data breaches. The podcast also compares the framework's similarities and main differences with the GDPR, the issues related to the conclusion of the Brexit process and the particularly strong provisions of this country on direct marketing.

In the final part of the recording, Padraig also discusses the main issues related to the use of Blockchains and AI.

Youtube Video

PrivacyRules webinar sobre protección de datos en Latino América - Latin America webinar

Disfruta nuestro webinar sobre protección de datos en Latino América en el que panelistas de Colombia, Uruguay, Chile y México proveen información general sobre las leyes de protección de datos en cada país, los retos y obstáculos que se han tenido en la implementación de las leyes de manera practica y efectiva, los pronósticos sobre el desarrollo de la jurisprudencia de protección de datos en cada país, y buenas prácticas para prevenir y reaccionar a un incidente de violación o fuga de datos.

Encuentra las diapositivas de Guillermo aquí

Enjoy our new webinar in Spanish language dealing with the data protection regimes in Latin American countries. Our panelists from Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico provides general information on the data protection laws in each country, the challenges and obstacles that have been faced in the implementation of such laws in a practical and effective way. The webinar follows discussing the potential development of the data protection laws in each country and the good practices to be respected to prevent and react to violation of data.

Find the slides from Guillermo here

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Meet the Member Podcast n.4 - Meet Ruth Ng of Taylor Vinters Via (Singapore)

Our Alessandro and Ruth Ng, lawyer of Taylor Vinters Via, explore the Data protection regime in Singapore discussing its business-friendly structure and its focus on inspiring consumer confidence. 

The podcast also compares the framework's similarities and main differences with other regimes such as the GDPR, dealing with the consent requirements, the data breach notification system and the incoming data portability requirements and explains the potential development of the PDPA bill in 2020. As always, the recording concludes with the main practical challenges and most interesting experiences in the everyday practice of the expert!

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Meet the Member Podcast n.3 - Meet Steve Ahn of SEUM (South Korea)

Steve Ahn from SEUM, South Korean member of PrivacyRules, explains the most recent development of the South Korean Data Protection framework, its relation with the Blockchain regulation and the practical issues related to those sectors. Steve also raised some interesting points on the latest on the use of Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings.

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PrivacyRules DPO vs EU Representative webinar

Available also on Youtube and Youku!

PrivacyRules launch its second webinar episode to tackle some data privacy questions, such as: According to the GDPR, when do I need a DPO? When do I need an EU-Representative?  What is the difference between them? 

We’ve gathered two of our best and brightest GDPR experts Markus Myhrberg, Stefanos Tsimikalis and our US data privacy expert Michael Nitardy to break down and demystify these questions from the point of view of non-EU businesses.

To have a broader overview of the topic, please find attached the slides prepared for you from our members:

Markus Myhrberg, Lexia, Finland: GDPR, EU Representative and Data Protection Officer

Stefanos Tsimikalis, Tsimikalis Kalonaru, Greece: The Data Protection Officer

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Meet the Member Podcast n.2 - Meet Kelly Dickson of Macpherson Kelley (Australia)

Kelly Dickson, Principal Lawyer at Macpherson Kelley explains the latest development and practical challenges of the Australian Data Protection Framework and its interactions with other countries!

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Meet the Member Podcast n.1 - Meet Chris Huntington of Nexigen

 Meet our Tech expert Chris Huntington, from Nexigen and know more about Risk Management and their new Fishing Platform! 


Youtube Video

PrivacyRules Data Transfer Webinar

Available also on Youtube and Youku!

PrivacyRules is proud to launch its webinar series with this Webinar. Our Panelists from Switzerland, Russia, Mexico and Japan will go through their respective Data Transfers frameworks and discuss the main practical issues they face in their countries.

Interested on a specific point? Find it here:

GDPR: 01:19
Swiss Law: 04:29
Russian Law: 11:04
Mexican Law: 14:59
Japan: 19:59
Open Discussion: 26:30

Any question? Send them through the form appearing below the video. Our speakers will answer your questions in a follow-up video!