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Meet the Member Podcast n.1 - Meet Chris Huntington of Nexigen

 Meet our Tech expert Chris Huntington, from Nexigen and know more about Risk Management and their new Fishing Platform! 


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Meet the Member Podcast n.2 - Meet Kelly Dickson of Macpherson Kelley (Australia)

Kelly Dickson, Principal Lawyer at Macpherson Kelley explains the latest development and practical challenges of the Australian Data Protection Framework and its interactions with other countries!

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Meet the Member Podcast n.3 - Meet Steve Ahn of SEUM (South Korea)

Steve Ahn from SEUM, South Korean member of PrivacyRules, explains the most recent development of the South Korean Data Protection framework, its relation with the Blockchain regulation and the practical issues related to those sectors. Steve also raised some interesting points on the latest on the use of Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings.

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PrivacyRules Data Transfer Webinar

Available also on Youtube and Youku!

PrivacyRules is proud to launch its webinar series with this Webinar. Our Panelists from Switzerland, Russia, Mexico and Japan will go through their respective Data Transfers frameworks and discuss the main practical issues they face in their countries.

Interested on a specific point? Find it here:

GDPR: 01:19
Swiss Law: 04:29
Russian Law: 11:04
Mexican Law: 14:59
Japan: 19:59
Open Discussion: 26:30

Any question? Send them through the form appearing below the video. Our speakers will answer your questions in a follow-up video!

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PrivacyRules DPO vs EU Representative webinar

Available also on Youtube and Youku!

PrivacyRules launch its second webinar episode to tackle some data privacy questions, such as: According to the GDPR, when do I need a DPO? When do I need an EU-Representative?  What is the difference between them? 

We’ve gathered two of our best and brightest GDPR experts Markus Myhrberg, Stefanos Tsimikalis and our US data privacy expert Michael Nitardy to break down and demystify these questions from the point of view of non-EU businesses.

To have a broader overview of the topic, please find attached the slides prepared for you from our members:

Markus Myhrberg, Lexia, Finland: GDPR, EU Representative and Data Protection Officer

Stefanos Tsimikalis, Tsimikalis Kalonaru, Greece: The Data Protection Officer