Tokyo 2020 Annual Conference

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Event Info:

PrivacyRules Annual Conference at our Japanese member Iwata Godo

On December 3rd, from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm Tokyo time, join our international team of Tech and Legal experts in two FREE, LIVE and INTERACTIVE sessions.

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Join the PrivacyRules Annual Conference at our Japanese member Iwata Godo!

The main topics of discussion will be “International data transfer compliance and data breach prevention for transnational businesses”

In Session 1 we will debate with Akira Matsuda (our host from Japan), Yingyu Wang (Singapore), Jihong Chen (China), Agnieszka Wiercińska-Krużewska (Poland) and Kim Walker (UK) on:

  • Establishing an effective compliance system for cross-border data transfers – what should businesses focus on?

  • What is the difference between domestic data transfer compliance and international data transfer compliance?

  • What is the best way to monitor the data flows?

  • How do you comply when a business uses overseas processors?


In Session 2, Joe Dehner (PrivacyRules Chairman), Kohei Kurihara (Japan), Grace Shaw (Canada), Kevin Warburton (Hong Kong) and Ken Morris (USA) will discuss about:

  • Points to consider about data lifecycles: (i) collection and storage, (ii) processing, (iii) transfer (domestic or overseas, intra-group or to third parties), and (iv) deletion

  • Points to learn from precedents: what is the main cause of data breaches based on your experience?

  • How can you detect and recognize a (potential) data breaches promptly?

  • What should be considered in order to establish effective cybersecurity compliance?

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