Privacyrules educational resources: training, webinars, seminars, conferences, and more

Our alliance is made of highly knowledgeable yet pragmatic privacy and data protection specialists from all continents and professional backgrounds.  With integrated legal / technical / data related services expertise, PrivacyRules offers scalable educational resources that perfectly match the requirements of any client.
The alliance has the unique element of merging multilingual, multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional expertise with an architecture of in-depth knowledge organized around specific privacy sectors.  Privacy Rules can therefore develop a series of trainings, webinars, seminars and conferences to fully satisfy the needs of those who deal with data in different contexts.
No matter how vast and diverse your corporation is, or how specific your business dimension is PrivacyRules is capable to assist you irrespective of where your branches, staff and contractors are located. The alliance can also provide you with a network of highly proficient experts from all over the world.
All educational resources are organized with and chaired by top experts provided by our members and affiliates who regularly take part in international conferences and have a wide background and technical knowledge on all aspects of privacy and data protection.
PrivacyRules educational programmes provide various levels of training, tailor-made to meet your specific needs or standard modules for given jurisdictions or sectors, either on the spot or online webinars or a blend of the two.  The members and affiliates of the alliance have a strong track record in educational capacity building, allowing PrivacyRules to meet your unique needs by being a single point of entry for any training related query.

★    Basic courses can be delivered in modules suitable for the participation of any professional category from different dimensions of businesses and institutions.  These courses allow the foundation of compliance which lies on awareness, a greater exchange of respective experiences, the understanding of data exposure on daily routines, as well as interacting about problems and their solutions.  These courses prepare staff for how to establish professional and behavioural best practices on privacy, promote compliance and create a more effective data protection program.  PrivacyRules training courses empower participants with knowledge and understanding of the legal requirements applicable to key areas of their daily working life, such as:

  • Reduce risks of data breaches through shared experiences
  • Develop decision-making processes between data managers
  • Ease the interaction between different sections of the company
  • Demonstrate the company’s or institution’s dedication to Privacy and Data Protection issues.

★    Private courses are tailor-made according to the customer’s preferences.  They may be in-person or online and they can address generic topics or target specific problems that the client is facing.
Private training courses aim to increase the productivity and awareness of employees, making companies / institutions / organizations compliant, competitive and secure.  PrivacyRules offers training solutions measured on customer requests, in order to develop the most suitable course for their needs.  All training activities can be provided to staff at their premises or at a location of the clients’ choice (or when not possible through an online platform).

Choosing this solution means being able to manage the program jointly: you choose the facility, format, start time and the duration of the session according to your needs.  An additional advantage of choosing an internal training session is that staff will not support travel costs associated with participating in a pre-organized or standardised session.  With this tool clients can also benefit from personal trainers and coaches for an established time and at their own premises (when possible, otherwise through a live or pre-recorded online session).  The trainer / coach can respond "in a confidential way" to questions relating to the specific compliance needs of the clients’ organization.

★    Webinars and online training courses allow clients to learn the subject anywhere and at any moment, through interactive online systems. They will acquire all the necessary knowledge to handle the main privacy regulations.  This system is valid for all professionals wishing to get certification and recognition, as well as for those wishing to deepen their knowledge of privacy.

PrivacyRules cooperation with world-reaching training companies guarantees the most modern and effective interactive online privacy training.

PrivacyRules is ready to assist not only with your perceived needs, but also by organizing an assessment of your business data chain to ensure that your legal and cybersecurity infrastructures and procedures are up-to-date and up-to-speed with the evolution of technology and related privacy legislative frameworks.  Remember that verified compliance today does not guarantee from risk of sanctions tomorrow.  Compliance awareness must be responsive to the speed-of-light tech progress.
The educational activities organized by PrivacyRules can be one time, recurrent, or evolutive on the basis of how your business or the sector in which you operate progress.
Please contact us to request training or access to any of our educational resources, and subscribe to our newsletter to receive information on our upcoming conferences and events.