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Insurance department of an Indonesian reportedly subject to a 2M users data leak

BRI Life, the insurance department of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), is currently investigating the claims of a data leak affecting the personal data of 2M customers. The leaked data contains 460,000 documents and was advertised for sale by unknown hackers.

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How to minimize the harmful use of children's data

The detrimental use of data standard advances requirements found both in the UK GDPR as well as in codes of practice, regulatory provisions or governmental advice. The data minimisation standard obliges entities to clearly show the purpose of the collection of personal data and to also collect just as much data as it is needed for that purpose. The detrimental use of data and data minimisation are two standards advanced by ICO’S Children’s Code. These standards support the organisations that are required to comply with the UK GDPR

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Kaseya relied on an effective decryption tool, instead of paying up the ransom

Amid rumours that it payed the ransom requested by cybercriminals, Kaseya, the latest victim of a big ransomware attack, has denied the allegations. Instead, it revealed that it had been working with anti-malware experts and obtained a decryption tool from a ‘third party’ and has been able to deploy a decryption tool to the multiple victims of the attack.

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Multinational companies lost Trillion in 2020 due to supply chain disruption

Both European and American companies lost trillions of dollars in revenue due to supply chain disruptions linked with the pandemic. One of the reasons behind such supply chain problems are due to the cyberthreats that the industry has been facing recently. Supply chain vulnerabilities could be minimized by working on a higher level of cybersecurity measures.

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Ransomware and Cloud Security

It is believed that ransomware will increasingly target cloud services as nowadays that is the place where the data is stored. This is why cloud security becomes an important element in the priorities of a business. More than this, it should be noted that basic cloud security services are likely to fail the test of desired security amid the surge in ransomware attacks.

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