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Updated list of Worldwide DPAs Guidance on COVID-19

PrivacyRules is pleased to release this document containing all the Guidances issued by the different DPAs worldwide on how to manage privacy and data under the Covid-19 emergency.

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Covid-19 PrivacyRules response team

PrivacyRules launches a team of worldwide experts to advise companies, authorities and individuals about the impact of Covid-19, including and beyond data privacy issues. Abundant material issued by our experts can be found here. Please follow PrivacyRules website and social media for regular updates, and subscribe to our newsletter.

Stay safe, PrivacyRules Management Team.

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Americans want an internet bill of rights to protect their online data

The US is cracking down on data collection and privacy laws – but what do Americans think about their internet rights?

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Multiple state AGs looking into Zoom’s privacy practices

The service has quickly become a household name as federal and state officials call on a vast majority of Americans to self-isolate.

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Australian Privacy Foundation labels CLOUD Act-readying Bill as 'deeply flawed'

The foundation also called the Telecommunications International Production Orders Bill a 'manifestation of a drip by drip erosion of privacy protection in the absence of a justiciable constitutionally-enshrined right to privacy in accord with international human rights frameworks'.

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