EU warns that vaccine passports ought to have a legal basis to ensure safeguards

European states should take into consideration the necessity and proportionality as a legal basis, when issuing vaccine certificates for their citizens.

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Spear-Phishing Campaign targeting LinkedIn Users

Users have been targeted by sending files, disguised as job offers, which were named after their current role. Once the user would open the file, the spear-phishing campaign was installing Trojan malware on users’ devices.

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The massive data leak of Facebook users’ information does not fall into the GDPR

The 533 million Facebook users may not be able to protect their rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, due to the fact that the data has been allegedly stolen before the Regulation came into force.

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U.S. Supreme Court rules in favour for Google in copyright case

U.S. Supreme Court decided that Google did not infringe any federal copyright law when it used the software code provided by Oracle Corp to build the Android operating system.

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Hackers able to attack a company twice due to its inaction

A company which has been attacked by ransomware failed to find how the attackers conducted their action. Due to this, the corporation was hit by the same type of ransomware attack in less than two weeks after it paid the ransom.

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