Amazon sues EU antitrust regulators for letting Italian case go ahead

Amazon is suing EU antitrust regulators for allowing the Italian competition watchdog to pursue its own case against the U.S. online retail giant over the way it selects sellers, arguing that this should be wrapped into an EU investigation.

Fintech startups and unicorns had a stellar Q4 2020

The fourth quarter of 2020 was as busy as you imagined, with super-late-stage startups reaching new valuation thresholds at a record pace, and total venture capital funding in the United States recording its second-best result of all time.

EU chief warns over ‘unfiltered’ hate speech and calls for Biden to back rules for big tech

In a speech to the European Parliament today marking the inauguration of US president Joe Biden, the president of the European Commission has called for Europe and the US to join forces on regulating tech giants, warning of the risks of “unfiltered” hate speech and disinformation being weaponized to attack and undermine democracies.

Factbox: How Facebook, Twitter and others are girding for inauguration threats

Social media companies are under close scrutiny over their handling of misinformation and threats of violence tied to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday, amid conflicting signals in far-right forums about possible attacks.

Google asks U.S. judge to move states' antitrust lawsuit to California

Alphabet Inc’s Google has asked a U.S. judge in Texas to transfer an antitrust lawsuit filed by 10 states in December to a court in California, a state that has more relevant witnesses and documents needed by the company, it said.

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