JBS paid m in cyber-ransom

JBS, the largest meat processing company in the world, paid m in ransom following a major ransomware attack on its computer networks. Due to the cyber-attack, JBS's operations in Australia, Canada and the US were shut down. The Chief Executive Officer of JBS declared that although paying the ransom was a tough decision to take, it was necessary as the attack was substantially sophisticated.

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Huawei announces the largest centre focused on cybersecurity and privacy in China

Huawei declared that it founded its largest Global Cyber Security and Privacy Protection Transparency Centre on the territory of China. The centre is part of a bigger campaign that the telecommunications company is employing in order to enhance cybersecurity and data protection of customers and users.

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Italy to create the National Cybersecurity Agency

The Italian Council of Ministers is examining a draft law for the creation of a National Cybersecurity Agency. This new body will have autonomy with regards to its regluations, administration, finances and organisation. It is planned to be closely linked to the Office of the Prime Minister and there will also be an Interministerial Committee for the coordination of matters related to the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures. The draft law will be now exammined by a series of national competent bodies starting from the Parliamentary Committee for Public Security (Copasir). 

Find out more on Ansa here (in Italian)

NHS plan to share GP patient data in England delayed due to privacy concerns

The NHS has decided to postpone until 1 September the launch of the system that was supposed to gather data about patients, as privacy concerns quickly arose. By that time, the system will be further secured and strengthened including to provide a proper secure access to patients.

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The balance between health and personal data protection

The World Health Organisation has issued a document entitled ‘The protection of personal data in health information systems – principles and processes for public health’. The document addresses the balance between fundamental rights and data protection principles, and is aimed to support public institutions in enhancing their health information systems.

Find the document here
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