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The Danish Data Protection Agency has published its draft list of processing operations subject to the requirement to carry out a data protection impact assessment:

The Danish Data Protection Agency has now published the compulsory draft list regarding operations subject to the requirement of a data protection impact assessment. The General Data Protection Regulation prescribes in article 35 that every national Data Protection Agency of a European Union member state must prepare a draft list of processing operations subject to the requirement of a data protection impact assessment. It is a specific requirement that the draft list shall be submitted to the European Data Protection Board for their opinion. The Danish Data Protection Agency has now presented its draft list to the European Data Protection Board and is expecting to receive the opinion of the Board before the end of 2018. The final list will be published thereafter. 
For more information on this or any other data protection issue in Denmark, please contact Ruth Caddock Hansen at [email protected]

The draft list can also be read in English here
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