Disaster Recovery, Physical Data Recovery, and Data Breach Services

This broad category describes companies that aid with the implementation, installation, design, and remediation of tech services and systems.  

Key Terms and Services

Recovery Time Objective

Recovery Time Objective (RTO), is the maximum down time or disruption a company deems acceptable for a service, network, or application.

Recovery Point Objective

Recovery Point Objective(RPO), describes the maximum amount of time a company deems acceptable to lose data because of intervals between replication or backups.

Disaster Recovery and Data Breach Services

A service provided by many cyber security firms that focuses on assisting and advising an organization’s recovery after a data breach or some other type of disaster.

<Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), is a service provided by cyber security firms in which data, hosted applications, and infrastructure services (IE Server domain services) are replicated to a cloud service provider. In the case of a system or service failure these replicated files, servers, applications, and other services can be made active through the cloud in just a few hours. DRaaS is a more expensive option to take on, but it allows for a short RTO and small RPO, because of this DRaaS is ideal for business continuity. The reason DRaaS is able to get you quickly back up, as you simply turn the DRaaS replicated files and services online. In general, DRaaS data replications only cover a time frame of a couple weeks back at best, so it is wise to have some other form of true archival backup to pair with a DRaaS.

Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service (BaaS), refers to an off-site backup service for company data, that operates at regular intervals. Relying on BaaS for a business continuity plan is not ideal, as the backups are stored off site and will need to be restored via internet connection.

Founded in 2003 in Cincinnati, USA, Nexigen Managed Security Services are designed to provide expert solutions to clients based on an in-depth security analysis which allows to recommend forward thinking security solutions and services.
Disaster Recovery, Physical Data Recovery, and Data Breach Services
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