Data protection legal assistance

Internet of Things and the digitalization of the economy and human relations has determined unprecedented challenges to the balance between the opportunities that technology offers and the protection of the data that each of us generate in every single moment.

Privacy and data protection requirements become more complex day by day, where the collection-processing-disclosure cycle of data of any business or individual occurs in a matter of seconds on platforms that can be at any corner of the world.  Interlinking data laws, regulatory frameworks, authorities’ procedures and international best practices are trying to provide a security net to the handling of these data.  Improper collection, use and storage of data can cause severe sanctions, criminal liability and damages to businesses and organizations that can result in dramatic drops in stock-exchange value, market credibility and consumer or business partner confidence.

PrivacyRules global expertise assists any kind of client in assessing, developing and implementing innovative and simple solutions related to privacy and data protection.  To do so, PrivacyRules alliance gathers leading legal experts in each jurisdiction who can understand the complex and often overlapping legislative frameworks.  The alliance’s outstanding legal expertise allows businesses the serenity to focus on operations and ensures the highest possible standards of integrated legal / cyber security expertise to protect competitiveness in today’s market.

PrivacyRules members and network of legal experts can assist any client wherever they are, in their own language and with in-depth experience in the procedures of the local and internationally relevant DPAs and supervisory authorities.  The alliance provides:


Data protection for businesses

•    Compliance with any privacy laws, regulations and legal requirements for information management including the EU GDPR, the EU-US Privacy Shield, EU adequacy decisions frameworks, model contracts and binding corporate rules
•    Compliance risk assessement
•    Advice on privacy programs and policies
•    Development and implementation of privacy and data use policies and procedures (privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default)
•    Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
•    Data Protection Officers(DPOs) support 
•    Strategic analysis of the structure, accessibility and integration of databases and on records management
•    Risk minimization and damage prevention
•    Cross-border data flow requirements (transfer agreements, BCRs, etc.)
•    Data protection planning for consumer involvement
•    Strategic advise on the use of data for marketing and advertising activities
•    Program development and implementation, including legislative and regulatory advocacy
•    Drafting and negotiation of contracts, information use clauses and distribution agreements
•    Data investigations management (enforcement, prosecutions and assessments by relevant authorities, e-discovery)
•    Assistance with dispute resolution, management of consumer concerns, response to allegations of misuse of data, state and federal investigations (including actions and requests for information from state attorney generals and any kind of authority) and litigation
•    Bankruptcy proceedings involving personal information
•    Preparation and management of privacy audits 
•    Data breach incident and response management (incident investigation, response, and remediation/litigation);
•    Supervisory authority and individuals / consumer communications management


Data protection for Individuals

•    Exercise of data subject rights:
•    Information
•    Access
•    Rectification
•    Erasure
•    Restrict processing
•    Data portability
•    Objection
•    Automated processing
•    Right to be forgotten
•    Consumer protection
•    Employee privacy
•    Health sector privacy
•    Management of sensitive data records
•    Mobile privacy issues
•    Social media privacy
•    Whistle-blower data protection
•    Assistance in litigation
•    Management