Data Management and Storage

This category describes companies that specialize in the storage and protection of at rest data. At rest data refers to data that is currently physically stored in any digital format.

Key Terms and Services:

Data Encryption Software
Data encryption software is used to encrypt stored data, which is to say that the data has been made unreadable via translating the data into a form called “ciphertext” that is unreadable. Data encryption software can also be used to make secure encrypted drives, where data can be deposited, and then be automatically encrypted.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a system of data storage in which a party’s data spans multiple servers over several physical locations. These servers are all connected via the internet and available from anywhere. The system of servers is managed by a cloud storage host company.

Managed Service Provider

A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, are third party vendors that manage one, several, or all of your IT services and applications. A large amount of the companies that fall under this category provide services in the form of managing your cloud based solutions. MSPs can host your company specific applications, host and maintain your cloud data, monitor and protect your network, and can do so many more other things. Many Companies in this category often do not own the servers or operate the cloud in which your data is stored, but instead manage and monitor these services. (companies like this are found in all of the categories).

Founded in 2003 in Cincinnati, USA, Nexigen Managed Security Services are designed to provide expert solutions to clients based on an in-depth security analysis which allows to recommend forward thinking security solutions and services.
Data Management and Storage
- Data Encryption Software
- Cloud Storage
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