Cybersecurity Expertise

Thanks to its tech firm members and the network of data related services and professionals who can be activated on an ad hoc basis, PrivacyRules assists its clients with a broad range of security services.  These include advising on, assessing, implementing, transforming and managing security policies and offering procedures using tech software, hardware, infrastructure and remote or on-the-spot counselling.  The plurality of these tools and resources will help clients to mitigate risks and take full advantage of the most updated technologies and proven risk prevention and management models provided by the members of the Company.

PrivacyRules members and network continuously explore innovative solutions to provide next-generation cybersecurity at every corner of the world, specifically tailored to meet the highest standards of every industry, business and individual.  Our growing alliance of security professionals can maximize the safety of your entire data chain, including networks, infrastructures and all endpoints (e.g. cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things).

PrivacyRules actionable cyber defense services and products can help organizations to prevent and react to attackers every single day through:


Cybersecurity prevention services

•    Cyber Guides
•    Strategy and governance
•    Cyber maturity diagnostic
•    Historical situational awareness maintenance
•    Advanced memory and disk analysis
•    Security Assessment
•    Risk Assessments
•    Defensive architecture
•    Security awareness
•    Due diligence and guarantees definition
•    Cyber defense capabilities and processes recognition and implementation
•    Cyber transformation analysis
•    Penetration testing
•    New technology risk prevention
•    Data security breach readiness
•    Data assets and business drivers analysis
•    Cybersecurity policies and audits


Cyber defense updating and maintenance

•    Infrastructure safeness (protection of networks, clouds, mobiles, IoT and other sourcing arrangements)
•    Security operations updating
•    Cyber defense and intelligence platform control (security monitoring and security analytics)
•    Preparation of data flow maps
•    Vulnerability management
•    Adversary simulation
•    Advanced persistent threats contrast
•    Forensic investigation
•    Identity and access management
•    Government strategies
•    DPA’s disclosures, financial and other regulatory issues


Cybersecurity countermeasures

•    Data breaches tech and legal management 24/365
•    Crisis management for cyber incidents
•    Incident response management and readiness
•    Incident containment and remediation
•    Incident management coordination and system recovery
•    Information recovery
•    Investigations, e-discovery and enforcement actions
•    Litigation and Class Actions; 
•    Communications coordination with DPAs and individuals
•    Reputational engineering