IT Consultancy Services

IT consulting involves a third party advising on IT related decisions, and often they offer solutions and services to aid you in your IT goals and strategies. Companies that fall under this category provide a litany of IT support services including IT outsourcing and infrastructure services, which involves a third party managing network services.

Risk Management Consulting

Risk management refers to a cyber security consulting service in which a firm that specializes in risk management process implementation, leads your enterprise in making risk focused IT security decisions. A risk focused approach refers to a security policy strategy in which companies make security decisions based on risk. A company looks at its resources and decides whether a vulnerability is likely to be exploited and weighs the cost of fixing the vulnerability versus leaving it as is. The guiding principal behind this methodology, is that it is unrealistic to attempt to patch every vulnerability and eliminate all risk, as not all risks are equal. With that in mind, risk management strategies focus on maintaining acceptable levels of risk, especially for business-critical resources.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), provides virtualized access to servers and storage. This allows an organization to have access to resources like servers or expensive equipment, without having to purchase it. These services are delivered via the cloud or over a WAN link.

IT Outsourcing

A service provided by many managed service providers, in which you outsource some, or all, of your IT needs to a third-party company.

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service (DaaS), is a cloud service in which your actual desktop environment is virtualized to your actual hardware. Meaning that your actual operating system and data is not stored physically on your device. Desktop’s like this operate off Virtual Desktop Interface, or VDI, technology or thin clients.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS), is hosted by a third-party, that provides access application in the cloud.

Managed Service Provider

A Managed Service Provider (MSP), are third party vendors that manage one, several, or all your IT services and applications. A large amount of the companies that fall under this category provide services in the form of managing your cloud-based solutions. MSPs can host your company specific applications, host and maintain your cloud data, monitor and protect your network, among many other functions. Many companies in this category often do not own the servers or operate the cloud in which your data is stored, but instead manage and monitor these services (companies like this are found in all categories).

Incident Response and Investigations

Incident response is a service provided by consulting firms that assist in advising your company through a data breach.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, or “Pen testing,” is a simulated cyber-attack by “white hat hackers” (good guy hackers), in which a system is tested for its vulnerability to a malicious attack on its systems. The goal of these “pen test,” is to find weak points and vulnerabilities in a system. A penetration test is used in security audits.

Social Engineering Testing

This is a subset of penetration testing in which the human factor of security is tested. Social Engineering attacks take advantage of people’s nature to get them to do things they would not normally do. A malicious third party might call a secretary and claim to be the President of said company requesting credentials or instigate an email an employee requesting to reset their password, leading them to a link that when clicked, gives the third-party authentication information. Penetration testers can test these vulnerabilities by using the same techniques as hackers. Doing this gives a company a sense of how “secure” their employees are.

Vulnerability Scanning

A service provided by IT consulting companies in which said company uses system configuration analysis, or network scanning software to analyze a system and thoroughly scan it for different vulnerabilities such as outdated virus definitions, unapplied OS patches, misconfigured devices, and accounts.

This type of service can also be done in house with commercial grade vulnerability scanning software and experienced staff to interpret and act on results.

Security Consulting

A large category of services and solutions provided by IT consulting companies to assist in securing your network environment which includes risk management assessment and strategies such as cyber and data securities.

Founded in 2005, Software Testing Bureau is an application testing company, that specializes in penetration testing. They perform simulated attacks, and report on vulnerabilities they find. Their parent company is Insight, which is a software development consulting company.
IT Consultancy Services
- Risk Management Consulting
- Incident Response and Investigations
- Penetration Testing
- Social Engineering Testing
- Vulnerability Scanning
Founded in 2003 in Cincinnati, USA, Nexigen Managed Security Services are designed to provide expert solutions to clients based on an in-depth security analysis which allows to recommend forward thinking security solutions and services.
IT Consultancy Services
- Risk Management Consulting
- Infrastructure as a Service
- IT Outsourcing
- Desktop as a Service
- Software as a Service
- Managed Service Provider
- Incident Response and Investigations
- Penetration Testing
- Vulnerability Scanning