Yudha Triarianto

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  • Banking Privacy
  • Capital Markets Privacy
  • Corporate Privacy
  • Financial Privacy
  • Health Privacy
  • Insurance Privacy
  • Intellectual Property Privacy
  • Labour and Employment Privacy
  • Real Estate Privacy


Yudha was a Knowledge and Communication Specialist at the Secretariat of Dewan Nasional Keuangan Inklusif (DNKI) under the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. DNKI is an government institution formed to regulate policies in the implementation of the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion. Yudha worked with another team from some organizations such as World Bank and Women’s World Bank. He was involved in making of strategies together with Financial Service Authority (OJK), Bank of Indonesia (central bank), and related Ministries. The pilot project carried out was a simplification of KYC process in opening bank account using fingerprints (cooperation between Bank and Ministry of Home Affairs).

Yudha was also involved in the Consumer Protection working group in DNKI. The working group focuses on protection of consumer in the financial sector, including in terms of consumer data protection.

Yudha is also experienced in handling some insurance companies (PT Asuransi Kredit Indonesia, PT Asuransi Ekspor Indonesia, PT Asuransi Bumi Putera Muda 1967). Consumer data is important and must be well maintained by the insurance companies. Not only personal data about identity, but also consumer’s medical record (for life insurance). As well as SIP clients who do business in hospital (RS Pondok Indah Jakarta, RS Izza Cikampek, etc), we help them to implement the mechanism of privacy and data protection for their patients as regulated by law.