Stefanos Tsimikalis

     Europe  Greece  
     [email protected]
     +30 210 3647070


  • Automotive Privacy
  • Corporate Privacy
  • GDPR
  • Intellectual Property Privacy
  • Labour and Employment Privacy
  • Media & Entertainment Privacy
  • Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Medical Privacy
  • Real Estate Privacy


Stefanos is very active in the fields of Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, as well as Sports, Media, Technology, and Entertainment. His IP practice is quite broad, dealing with trademarks, designs, domain names, trade secrets, and patent infringement claims. He has considerable experience in IP portfolio management and trademark prosecution, where he works closely with clients in the pharmaceutical and chocolate industries, being involved from early on in the creation of brands. Work relating to information technology, e-commerce, and data protection matters also falls within his competencies.

With corporate clients he works from the early stages of investments, assisting in their planning and subsequently their implementation. More recently, he has become more closely involved with technology startups, assisting them in creating their vehicles and guiding them along the way.