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About the firm

Ken Morris is an entrepreneur, executive, and advisor with deep domain expertise in cybersecurity, medical devices, healthcare, financial services, professional and collegiate sports and IT/OT. Following years as an executive with Boston Scientific and Guidant Corporation, Ken founded a number of startups, including an award-winning strategic advisory firm. Most recently Ken founded KnectIQ, which provides transformative cybersecurity innovations for endpoint protection, IT and OT environments, financial services, global data privacy, critical national infrastructure, and medical device and health data security. Ken serves on multiple boards and frequently presents internationally on cybersecurity and infosec in healthcare, medical technology, financial services, law, data privacy, critical national infrastructure, the GDPR and pending e-Privacy regulations. Ken and KnectIQ are founding members of the Greater MSP – MN National Security Project. His passions are developing the next generation of leaders and a bit of music here and there.

KnectIQ is a privately owned cybersecurity technology innovator. With a unique yet powerful approach, KnectIQ delivers a ZeroTrust-based enterprise-class secure access and data loss protection infrastructure that increases the failure rate of attacks by 80%. It is a patented, modern cybersecurity technology solution every company and organization needs to effectively raise their security posture. Its solution fundamentally challenges the status quo assumption that attackers will always break through the perimeter, or that they have already successfully breached a device, system or network. Unauthorized identities gaining “silent” network access by using valid but compromised credentials account for 80% of data breaches.

The KnectIQ security solution is CyberStepZero, stopping bad actors at the front door and keeping them out – even if they do try to use valid keys or credentials. The solution does that by focusing on identity, choosing who to trust, and eliminating the core threat surface of persistent or stored secrets (credentials, keys, and certificates). In addition, it confirm and log the successful delivery of data (a world first), deliver real-time alerts on every breach attempt, and lower the cost of existing security solutions in place today for companies worldwide. KnectIQ team never see your data, and make sure nobody outside the true ZeroTrust environment does either. This solution is available today.


  • Pre-breach protection: Stopping attacks and loss of data and information before they are executed. Protection against data loss and misuse.
  • Malware detection.
  • Stopping silent unauthorized access: avoiding the use of invalid or false credentials in every transaction, through secure identity verification and authentication.
  • Protection of confidential information “secrets” to prevent it from being stolen.
  • Identity assurance and keys management.

Global Reach: With offices in the US and the Luxembourg, KnectIQ services can be deployed worldwide